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The 2019 Congress will be held in Lisbon on 18-22 May, as decided by the Management Board. The format has been slightly modified to make way for two half-days of conferences/debates with personalities on topics of European interest before the General Assembly and the traditional workshops. As usual, the representatives of the administrations will be present to inform you about all new developments. It will also be the occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AIACE. A special effort has been made to reduce costs, so as to allow a wider public to attend.

 Come and discover Lisbon, a city full of history, where the sun shines 290 days a year and the average temperature varies between 17 and 22° in late May. The city is built on 7 hills (not only Rome !) and therefore offers many belvederes. The city competes with other European capitals as one of the three safest European metropolises.

 The cuisine is dedicated to creating over a thousand ways to cook the beloved bacalhau (salted cod), and where you’ll find restaurants to suit every taste, budget and requirement, not to mention the excellent wines.

 Lisbon is a city full of authenticity where old customs and ancient history intermix with cultural entertainment and hi-tech innovation. The atmosphere of acceptance and peaceful coexistence turns Lisbon into a palette of cultures. Lisbon is famous for its hospitality and the friendly way its inhabitants welcome visitors. English is widely spoken, French in many places as well.

 Lisbon has a pretty good reputation of being an affordable destination. It is considered the city with the best prices of goods and services in Western Europe.

Lisbon has an excellent metro, tram and bus network to get around.

 Last but not least, direct flights  connect Lisbon with most large European cities, often several times a day and at fairly low rates (when booking well in advance).

 Come and join us and meet your former colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. The programme including the social events and excursions will be on line soon.