Welcome note from Didier Hespel

Dear AIACE members,

As you are aware we unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 Congress because of the covid-19 pandemcs. However, it has been decided to postpone the Congress until 2021 on 15-21 May with a similar programme. We’ll be following the format that proved a success in Lisbon last year, with two half-days of talks and discussions with well-known speakers focusing on European issues, followed by the General Assembly and our usual workshop sessions. And of course, representatives of the administration will be on hand to update you on new developments. Our international helpdesk will be there as well, to steer you through the Commission’s various IT applications.  A new feature in 2020 will be a workshop on insurance, in response to the many questions we’ve received recently from members on the future of the various existing insurance policies and the new travel insurance policy. As with the Lisbon Congress we will again be offering a choice between an all-in package, and an à la carte formula for the different events (though there will be a registration fee to help defray our organisation costs).

Loutraki is a small seaside resort on the Gulf of Corinth, famous since Roman times for its therapeutic natural springs. Our working sessions will take place in a beautiful seafront hotel close to the town itself.  Transfers will be laid on from Athens airport, which has flights from most European cities. The average temperature in Loutraki in May is 21°, and the weather is generally sunny, though there is always the slight possibility of a passing shower.

We hope you’ll join us in Loutraki for the 2021 Congress, and enjoy a relaxed break with former colleagues.

Didier Hespel Secretary General, in charge of the organization of the Congress

Welcome note from Despina Vamvakidou

Dear Friends,

In the year 2020, it will be exactly 10 years since the Hellenic Section of AIACE, although it had not yet completed its second year of operation, called for and organized the Yearly Congress in Thessaloniki.
At that time, the economic crisis had just begun in the country, and none of us, here in Greece, knew how it would end. At this point, we hope that the crisis is over and the country is entering the path of recovery.
This year, we have been struck by another crisis, which led to the postponement of our yearly get together. We wanted to organize the 2021 congress at a venue in the south part of the country instead of staying in the north of Greece. So, we decided to ask for the Yearly Congress to be held in Loutraki and Corinth, two cities separated by the Isthmus Channel. We hope you will like our choice too.
The Hellenic Section of AIACE has the honour of inviting you to meet in a region of Greece not only full of history, ancient and modern, but also with a very rich subsoil, a mild climate and agricultural tradition. During the winter time there are crops of oranges and lemons and during the summer months there is a large production of peaches, apricots, pears, olives and oil, but above all, the famous grapes from which the Corinthian raisin is made.

We will happily wait for you.

Despina Vamvakidou, AIACE-HELLAS

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Loutraki, Athens