Full Day Excursion Programme: Corinth Canal Cruise, Lake Vouliagmeni & Heraion, Ancient Corinth

Sunday 15 May 2022
09:30 – 17:00

The day will start by taking a boat tour through the famous Corinth Canal. The Isthmus of Corinth (Corinthian Canal) is the narrow land bridge which connects the Peloponnese peninsula with the rest of the mainland of Greece, near the city of Corinth. The word “isthmus” comes from the Ancient Greek word for “neck” and refers to the narrowness of the land. Following a wonderful route, we will reach our destination, Lake Vouliagmeni, a lagoon that is only a few meters from the sea and communicates with it by a narrow channel. We will then visit the Archaeological Site of Heraion, located two kilometers from Lake Vouliagmeni. The Heraion consists of two sections, dedicated to the goddess Hera, wife of Zeus and queen of the ancient Greek gods. Lunch is planned on the shores of the lake. After lunch, we will continue our interesting tour to reach the site of ancient Corinth and we will visit the museum, which has a very good display of art and culture from Neolithic times through to the Byzantine period. Corinth was one of the major, largest and most important cities of antiquity, after Athens and Sparta. It was made up of three parts; the acropolis on the hill (Acrocorinth), the city itself and its port (Lechaion) on the coast. All this was protected by a wall which ran for 20km (over 12 miles). In the late afternoon, the bus will transfer the group to the hotel.

Half Day Excursion Programme, Ancient Nemea & Winery Visit

Wednesday 18 May 2022
14:30 – 18:00

Nemea was a religious sanctuary in the northern Peloponnese of Greece where pan-Hellenic athletic games ‘Nemeia’ were held every two years from 573 BCE until 271 BCE. According to Greek mythology, this is where Hercules, the greatest of all ancient Greek heroes, performed his first Labour: he killed the Nemea lion that ravaged the area at the time and was a plight to locals. Besides the great archaeological interest, Nemea is a significant winemaking region too. We will have the opportunity to visit the Lafazanis Winery. The Lafazanis Winery covers an area of 4,000 m2 and is nestled in 10 ha of vineyards. The winery uses the latest in state-of-the art, accredited winemaking methods throughout the production process, implemented by eminent oenologists as well as profoundly experienced and highly expert staff. The winery’s production capacity is 4,000 tons annually. Temperature and humidity conditions are fully controlled throughout the premises, so as to ensure superb quality in both production process and products.

Half Day Excursion Programme, Epidaurus, ancient theatre of Epidaurus

Thursday 19 May 2022
09:30 – 14:30

The scenic drive to Epidaurus takes you through a spectacular landscape with stunning views of mountain and sea. Epidaurus is one of the most popular archaeological sites in Greece and is mostly famous for its Ancient Theatre. This theatre was constructed in the late 4th century BC to host religious ceremonial events in honor of god Asclepius, whose healing centre was located few steps away. Famous for its symmetry and the incredible acoustics, this classical theatre is surrounded by lush greenery and gives nice view to the valley below.

Full Day Programme Mycenae archaeological site and Nafplio

Friday 20 May 2022
09:30 – 17:00

Our tour starts and the first stop is Mycenae, which is considered the greatest and richest kingdom of the later Bronze Age (around 1350B.C). We will admire the archaeological site of the argolic plain with the unique findings such as the great Lionesses Gate, the Ancient Treasure of Atreus also known as King’s Agamemnon Tomb and the Tomb of Clytemnestra. We will visit the museum of Mycenae where we can find the famous Golden Mask of Agamemnon and various artifacts from the life, the activities and the burial customs of Mycenae. We will have our lunch in the beautiful seaside city of Nafplio. The town’s history traces back to the prehistoric era when soldiers from here participated in the Argonautic expedition and the Trojan War alike. Ancient walls, medieval castles, monuments and statues, Ottoman fountains and Venetian or neoclassical buildings mesmerize the visitor with their unique architecture and beauty. Naflpio used to be the first capital of Greece (before Athens) and its architecture has venetian, byzantine, ottoman and modern greek influences. Free time will be provided for a walk and by the evening, we will get back to our hotel.

Full Day Programme Cruise to Hydra

Saturday 21 May 2022
09:30 – 17:00

We will reach the port of Tolo, in order to depart for our full day cruise to Hydra. Hydra, is one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets, secluded squares and above all the banning of cars and the use of around 500 donkeys as means of public transportation, explain the reason why Hydra preserved its distinctive atmosphere through the passage of time. 300 churches and 6 monasteries spread around the island as well as the cannons and the statues of the Independence War heroes of 1821, still standing at the balconies of the islands create a romantic mosaic.

Please note, that the presented tours and prices are based on a minimum number of participants. If minimum numbers are not reached, alternative arrangements or a complete refund will be made. Places on all tours are limited and will be allocated strictly in order of receipt of payment. Where participants cancel their tour bookings prior to 30 days, payment will be refunded in full. Thereafter, no refunds will be made.

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